Montana Code Annotated 2014

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     85-7-1911. Apportionment of water by board. (1) The board of commissioners shall apportion the water for irrigation among the lands in the district or a subdistrict in the district in a just and equitable manner, and the maximum amount apportioned to any land shall be the amount that can be beneficially used on the land. The amount of water is appurtenant to the land and inseparable from it but subject to reduction as provided in this chapter.
     (2) In the event of a shortage of water, the amount of water delivered to each particular tract or piece of land shall be reduced proportionately.
     (3) All surplus water belonging to the district may be sold or disposed of by the board for the benefit of the district or for the benefit of a subdistrict if the surplus water is derived from water that attaches to the substantial benefit of the subdistrict.
     (4) All water, the right to the use of which is acquired by the district under any contract with the United States, shall be distributed and apportioned by the district in accordance with the acts of congress, the rules and regulations of the secretary of the interior, and the provisions of the contract.

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