Montana Code Annotated 2014

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     85-7-1913. Board to maintain records. (1) The board of commissioners shall keep a complete book and record of the accounts, records, contracts, securities, minutes of meetings, and other matters of every kind pertaining to or belonging to the irrigation district in the form prescribed by the department of administration. The department of administration shall prescribe forms for the use of irrigation districts. The books and records must be open to the inspection of any landowner of the district the same as other public records.
     (2) The books and records of irrigation districts are subject to audit in accordance with 2-7-503.
     (3) If a district is appointed fiscal agent of the United States or is authorized by the United States to make collections for or on behalf of the United States in connection with a federal irrigation project, the board of commissioners or its secretary shall at any time allow any officer or employee of the United States, when acting under the orders of the secretary of the interior, to have access to all books, records, and vouchers of the district that are in possession or control of the secretary or board.
     (4) The failure of the board of commissioners to comply with 85-7-1914 or this section is grounds for removal from office, and the county attorney of any county in which the irrigation district is situated shall prosecute ouster proceedings against any commissioner or commissioners. The cost of the proceedings is a charge against the irrigation district and must be paid as are other bills against the districts.

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