Montana Code Annotated 2014

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     85-7-1971. Contracts with the state of Montana -- loans, sinking fund, and investments. (1) The board of commissioners of any irrigation district, whenever considered advisable and in the interest of the district, may enter into any obligation or contract with the state of Montana for the purpose of obtaining a loan of money from various sources, including the coal severance tax bonding program provided for in Title 17, chapter 5, part 7, to be used by the district for:
     (a) the liquidation of any bonded or outstanding indebtedness of the district; or
     (b) the provision of any construction, improvement, or repair work necessary to place the irrigation system of the district in good operating condition.
     (2) The board shall create, by proper levy and collection of assessments, a sinking fund that must be available for the construction of betterments to the irrigation system of the district as may be necessary during the term of any contract made with the state as provided for in subsection (1). The sinking fund must be designated the "... District Sinking Fund for Betterments" and must be created in such an amount and within such time as may be agreed upon between the district and the state of Montana.
     (3) The board shall invest any surplus in the sinking fund in legal investments backed, insured, or guaranteed by the United States or the state of Montana, including federal and state agency obligations.

     History: En. Sec. 1, Ch. 301, L. 1987.

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