Montana Code Annotated 2014

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     85-7-2012. Purposes for which bonds may be issued. The board of commissioners of a district established under the provisions of Title 85, chapter 7, part 1, may authorize and issue negotiable fully registered bonds or negotiable coupon bonds of the district for the purpose of providing the necessary funds for:
     (1) constructing the necessary irrigation canals and works, including drainage works, and constructing works for the generation and distribution of electricity within the district and for acquiring the property and rights necessary therefor;
     (2) acquiring, by purchase or otherwise, waters, water rights, canals, reservoirs, reservoir sites, irrigation works, drainage works, and works for the generation and distribution of electricity, whether the works are constructed or partially constructed;
     (3) meeting the expenses incurred incident to the construction or acquisition of the works and property, including administrative, engineering, and legal expenses;
     (4) assuming, as principal or guarantor, indebtedness to the United States on account of district lands;
     (5) providing a sufficient amount of money to pay the interest on all bonds of the district for a period not exceeding 5 years;
     (6) redeeming or paying all or any portion of the existing indebtedness of the district, evidenced by outstanding bonds; delinquent interest coupons, overdue claims for interest, and accrued interest; or warrants, together with all delinquent and accrued interest, whether the indebtedness has or may become payable at the option of the district, by consent of the bondholders, or by any other lawful means;
     (7) establishing a reserve for the payment of principal and interest on bonds of the district in an amount determined by the board to be reasonably required to market the bonds; or
     (8) otherwise carrying out the provisions of the irrigation district laws.

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