Montana Code Annotated 2014

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     85-7-2020. Details relating to bonds. (1) All bonds issued under the provisions of this part shall run for a period not longer than 40 years from their date but may contain a clause providing for their prior redemption and payment, at the option of the board of commissioners of the district, on any interest payment date after 5 years from their date. Instead of straight maturity bonds, bonds may be issued to mature serially at such times and in such amounts as the board of commissioners shall determine, but no bonds so issued may run for a longer period than 40 years from the date of issue. The bonds shall bear interest from their date until paid, payable annually or semiannually with the installments of interest to date of maturity of principal to be evidenced by appropriate coupons attached to each bond. The bonds and interest coupons shall be payable at such place or places within or without the state of Montana as the board of commissioners shall prescribe.
     (2) The bonds shall be of such denomination or denominations and in such form as the board of commissioners shall prescribe. An issue of bonds is defined to be all the bonds issued in accordance with a resolution or order of the board of commissioners. Each issue of the bonds of a district shall be numbered consecutively as authorized, and the bonds of each issue shall be numbered consecutively. The board of commissioners shall fix the date of the bonds, or they may divide any issue into two or more divisions and fix different dates for the bonds of each division. The date of any bond must be subsequent to the order or resolution authorizing it and prior to its delivery to a purchaser from the district.
     (3) All bonds issued hereunder shall be signed by the president and attested by the secretary of the board under the corporate seal of the district, and each of the interest coupons to be attached to the bonds shall be executed by the signatures of the president and secretary. Each bond shall be signed and each interest coupon shall be executed by the president and secretary of the board of commissioners who may be in office at the date of the bond and coupons or at any time thereafter prior to the delivery of the bond to the purchaser from the district.
     (4) The board of commissioners may provide for the registration of bonds in their discretion. The secretary of the board of commissioners and county treasurer shall each keep a record of the bonds sold or otherwise disposed of; their date, number, amount, maturity, or maturities; to whom sold; rate of interest; and the place or places of payment.

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