Montana Code Annotated 2014

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     85-7-301. Creation of district by owners of rights in common water supply. (1) It is a purpose and intention of this part, in the furtherance of the public welfare, to provide an effective public agency for the improvement, development, operation, maintenance, and administration of certain existing irrigation systems in cases where administration thereof through the agency of a water commissioner is not effective.
     (2) It is a purpose and intention of this part to extend to irrigation districts organized hereunder the powers, duties, and status of the public corporations organized under the irrigation district laws of the state of Montana, as the same may now or hereafter exist; provided, that neither such districts nor the board of commissioners thereof shall have any power or authority to issue bonds or incur indebtedness, other than warrant indebtedness, under the limitations proposed by law. This part does not contemplate the acquisition by the district of the existing water, water rights, or system or works owned by the respective water right owners within the district.

     History: En. Secs. 1, 8, Ch. 100, L. 1925; re-en. Secs. 7264.1, 7264.8, R.C.M. 1935; R.C.M. 1947, 89-2111, 89-2118.

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