Montana Code Annotated 2014

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Part 1. School Buses and Transportation

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20-10-101. Definitions.
20-10-102. School bus requirements.
20-10-103. School bus driver qualifications.
20-10-104. Penalty for violating law or rules.
20-10-105. Determination of residence.
20-10-106. Determination of mileage distances.
20-10-107. Power of trustees.
20-10-108. Two-way radio operation.
20-10-109. Liability insurance for school bus.
20-10-110. School bus purchase -- contract -- bids.
20-10-111. Duties of board of public education.
20-10-112. Duties of superintendent of public instruction.
20-10-113. through reserved.
20-10-121. Duty of trustees to provide transportation -- types of transportation -- bus riding time limitation.
20-10-122. Discretionary provision of transportation and payment for this transportation.
20-10-123. Provision of transportation for nonpublic school children.
20-10-124. Private party contract for transportation -- individual transportation contract.
20-10-125. Bid letting for contract bus -- payments under transportation contract.
20-10-126. Establishment of transportation service areas.
20-10-127. Repealed.
20-10-128. Repealed.
20-10-129. and reserved.
20-10-131. County transportation committee membership.
20-10-132. Duties of county transportation committee.
20-10-133. through reserved.
20-10-141. Schedule of maximum reimbursement by mileage rates.
20-10-142. Schedule of maximum reimbursement for individual transportation.
20-10-143. Budgeting for transportation and transmittal of transportation contracts.
20-10-144. Computation of revenue and net tax levy requirements for district transportation fund budget.
20-10-145. State transportation reimbursement.
20-10-146. County transportation reimbursement.
20-10-147. Bus depreciation reserve fund.