Montana Code Annotated 2014

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Part 7. Inspection and Grading

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80-4-701. Official agricultural commodity inspectors, samplers, and weighers -- designation of seasonal inspection points -- assignment of inspectors.
80-4-702. Qualifications of official agricultural commodity inspectors, samplers, and weighers.
80-4-703. Penalty for misconduct.
80-4-704. Establishment of standard agricultural commodity grades.
80-4-705. Rules governing dockage -- sample inspection.
80-4-706. Special inspection of agricultural commodities.
80-4-707. Repealed.
80-4-708. Examination of agricultural commodity cars or trucks at destination.
80-4-709. Protein testing laboratory.
80-4-710. Repealed.
80-4-711. Agricultural commodity sampling -- appeal procedure.
80-4-712. through reserved.
80-4-721. Fees for inspection, testing, and weighing agricultural commodities -- disposition -- investment.
80-4-722. Records of inspection.
80-4-723. Repealed.
80-4-724. Coloration of agricultural commodities treated with injurious or toxic substances -- exception.
80-4-725. Sale or offering for sale of treated product prohibited.
80-4-726. Copies of grades and rules to be furnished and displayed by warehouse operators.
80-4-727. Repealed.