Montana Code Annotated 2014

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Part 2. Administration

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85-1-201. Rules.
85-1-202. Repealed.
85-1-203. State water plan.
85-1-204. Department powers over state water.
85-1-205. Acquisition of water in federal reservoirs.
85-1-206. Construction of works by department.
85-1-207. Determination of costs of works.
85-1-208. Construction across streams, highways, or other obstacles.
85-1-209. Acquisition of property by department.
85-1-210. Disposal of property by department.
85-1-211. Management of property -- water contracts.
85-1-212. Repealed.
85-1-213. Institution of court actions by department.
85-1-214. Exercise of department powers -- scope of jurisdiction.
85-1-215. Department duties -- records and operations.
85-1-216. Limitations on liabilities and obligations.
85-1-217. Restoration and repair of damaged property.
85-1-218. Employment of county surveyors.
85-1-219. State-owned works -- department approval -- bids -- procurement of goods and services.
85-1-220. State water project hydroelectric power generation special revenue account created -- revenue allocated.
85-1-221. Contracts with the United States.
85-1-222. Conformity to federal regulations authorized.
85-1-223. Negotiations with other states by the department.
85-1-224. Contracts with state agencies and counties.