Montana Code Annotated 2014

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Part 6. Renewable Resource Grant and Loan Program

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85-1-601. Purpose and policies.
85-1-602. Objectives.
85-1-603. Renewable resource loan debt service fund created -- coal severance tax allocated -- renewable resource loan loss reserve fund created.
85-1-604. Repealed.
85-1-605. Grants, loans, and bonds for state, local, or tribal government assistance.
85-1-606. Grants and loans to private persons.
85-1-607. Repealed.
85-1-608. Applications for grants and loans to private persons.
85-1-609. Eligibility for a loan or grant to a private person.
85-1-610. Evaluation of grants and loans to private persons.
85-1-611. Department to solicit views.
85-1-612. Rulemaking authority.
85-1-613. Limits on loans.
85-1-614. Limits on grants from natural resources projects state special revenue account.
85-1-615. Security interests -- purchase, operation, and resale of encumbered property.
85-1-616. Administration of loans and grants.
85-1-617. Issuing renewable resource bonds -- renewable resource loan proceeds account.
85-1-618. Restrictions on use of bond proceeds.
85-1-619. Debt service fund -- pledge and administration of sufficient balance.
85-1-620. Renewable resource refunding bonds.
85-1-621. Report.
85-1-622. Penalty.
85-1-623. Repealed.
85-1-624. Authorization of bonds.
85-1-625. through reserved.
85-1-631. Water storage state special revenue account created -- revenues allocated -- appropriations from account.