Montana Code Annotated 2014

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Part 18. Alteration and Determination of District Acreage

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85-7-1801. Change in boundaries.
85-7-1802. Elimination of lands from district.
85-7-1803. Requirements for petition to eliminate lands.
85-7-1804. Minor errors.
85-7-1805. Notice requirements.
85-7-1806. Court hearing on petition to eliminate lands.
85-7-1807. Court findings and order on petition to eliminate lands.
85-7-1808. Extension of boundaries and addition of lands.
85-7-1809. Notice of hearing for addition of lands.
85-7-1810. Hearing and order on petition for addition of lands.
85-7-1811. Procedure to correct errors and omissions in orders or decrees.
85-7-1812. through reserved.
85-7-1821. Change of boundaries of irrigation districts indebted to United States.
85-7-1822. Petition to exclude lands.
85-7-1823. Notice of hearing.
85-7-1824. Conduct of hearing.
85-7-1825. Court order and relief granted.
85-7-1826. Interpretation of provisions.
85-7-1827. through reserved.
85-7-1831. Withdrawal of lands to organize separate or consolidated district for cooperation with federal projects -- petition.
85-7-1832. Petition for withdrawal of lands.
85-7-1833. Proceedings subsequent to presenting petition.
85-7-1834. through reserved.
85-7-1837. Limitation on irrigable acreage -- special election or petition.
85-7-1838. through reserved.
85-7-1841. Fixing of taxable acreage.
85-7-1842. Petition for fixing of taxable area.
85-7-1843. Summons, publication, and court determination.
85-7-1844. Decree fixing amount of irrigable acreage.
85-7-1845. Appeal to supreme court.
85-7-1846. Terminated.