Montana Code Annotated 2014

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Part 19. Operation of Districts

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85-7-1901. Board plan for acquisition and construction.
85-7-1902. Management of district by board.
85-7-1903. Entry upon land by board or agent.
85-7-1904. Acquisition of water and waterworks by board.
85-7-1905. Board agreements for joint operations or cooperation.
85-7-1906. Relations with United States.
85-7-1907. Board power to provide sufficient water.
85-7-1908. Board powers over district property.
85-7-1909. Rights-of-way for irrigation works.
85-7-1910. Board power to dispose of district property.
85-7-1911. Apportionment of water by board.
85-7-1912. Exchange of water by board.
85-7-1913. Board to maintain records.
85-7-1914. Board to file annual report.
85-7-1915. through reserved.
85-7-1921. Distribution system defined.
85-7-1922. Regulation, supervision, apportionment, and control of water distribution.
85-7-1923. Entry on land.
85-7-1924. Interference with commissioners or distribution system -- penalty.
85-7-1925. Installing and assessing costs of distributing or measuring devices.
85-7-1926. through reserved.
85-7-1931. Use of water for irrigation a public use.
85-7-1932. Noninterference with navigation or water rights.
85-7-1933. Diversion of waters.
85-7-1934. Lands under irrigation -- inclusion in district.
85-7-1935. Lands under irrigation -- limits on charges for costs.
85-7-1936. through reserved.
85-7-1941. Contracts.
85-7-1942. Competitive bidding.
85-7-1943. Exceptions for certain projects.
85-7-1944. through reserved.
85-7-1951. United States contracts -- loans, sinking fund, and investment.
85-7-1952. United States contracts -- assessments.
85-7-1953. Amount owed United States -- lien and special tax.
85-7-1954. Assumption of operations by United States upon default.
85-7-1955. Liquidation of indebtedness with federal funds.
85-7-1956. Majority vote or petition necessary to contract with United States.
85-7-1957. United States contracts -- court approval required.
85-7-1958. Power to contract with United States cumulative.
85-7-1959. and reserved.
85-7-1961. Districts organized prior to certain date -- authority to continue electrical power operations.
85-7-1962. through reserved.
85-7-1971. Contracts with the state of Montana -- loans, sinking fund, and investments.
85-7-1972. State contracts -- assessments.
85-7-1973. Amount owed state -- lien and special tax.
85-7-1974. Majority vote or petition necessary to contract with the state.
85-7-1975. State contracts -- court approval required.