Montana Code Annotated 2014

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Part 20. Indebtedness, Bonds, and Bankruptcy

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85-7-2001. Limitations on debt-incurring power.
85-7-2002. through reserved.
85-7-2011. Exemption of irrigation district property.
85-7-2012. Purposes for which bonds may be issued.
85-7-2013. Majority vote and petition requirements.
85-7-2014. Procedure after election or petition filed.
85-7-2015. Effect of contracting with United States.
85-7-2016. Confirmation by district court.
85-7-2017. Hearing and procedure in the district court.
85-7-2018. District court findings and order -- appeal.
85-7-2019. Refunding bonds.
85-7-2020. Details relating to bonds.
85-7-2021. Liens of bonds.
85-7-2022. Sale of bonds.
85-7-2023. Notice of sale of bonds.
85-7-2024. Issuance of bonds for direct contract payments.
85-7-2025. Cancellation of unused bonds.
85-7-2026. Delivery of bonds.
85-7-2027. Disposition of bond proceeds.
85-7-2028. through reserved.
85-7-2031. Amending or supplementing United States contracts -- effect on indebtedness.
85-7-2032. Amending or supplementing United States contracts -- petition or election not necessary.
85-7-2033. Private sale of bonds.
85-7-2034. through reserved.
85-7-2041. Bankruptcy proceedings by irrigation districts.