Montana Code Annotated 2014

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Part 21. Taxes and Assessments

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85-7-2101. Tax or assessment to pay bonds and interest.
85-7-2102. Added lands to pay proportional share of bonded indebtedness.
85-7-2103. All irrigable lands chargeable alike.
85-7-2104. Annual tax levy -- apportionment when tracts divided.
85-7-2105. Cancellation of tax levy under certain conditions.
85-7-2106. Back assessments.
85-7-2107. Procedure for the determination of irrigable area.
85-7-2108. Taxes to be lien upon land.
85-7-2109. List of all lands in district or subdistrict to be prepared.
85-7-2110. Nonirrigable lands not to be taxed.
85-7-2111. Refunds and cancellation of excess taxes.
85-7-2112. Confirmation of board actions by district court.
85-7-2113. Effect of federal involvement.
85-7-2114. Apportionment of costs when bonds issued.
85-7-2115. Objection by landowner.
85-7-2116. Restrictions on reduction of taxable acreage.
85-7-2117. Conclusiveness of tax or assessment.
85-7-2118. United States contracts -- cancellation of assessment on amended contracts.
85-7-2119. United States contracts -- assessments where district partly outside state.
85-7-2120. through reserved.
85-7-2125. Terminated.
85-7-2126. through reserved.
85-7-2131. Funds for payment of each series of bonds to be kept distinct.
85-7-2132. Sinking fund for straight maturity bonds.
85-7-2133. Role of county officers in collection of tax or assessment.
85-7-2134. Levy of taxes and assessments by county commissioners.
85-7-2135. Transmission of funds from other counties.
85-7-2136. Collection of taxes or assessment.
85-7-2137. Failure to levy or collect tax or assessment.
85-7-2138. Surplus in construction fund.
85-7-2139. Transfer of funds.
85-7-2140. Investment of funds.
85-7-2141. Repealed.
85-7-2142. Misconduct in relation to bond funds.
85-7-2143. Prosecution for misconduct.
85-7-2144. through reserved.
85-7-2151. Delinquent sale and redemption.
85-7-2152. Proceeds of sale.
85-7-2153. Assignment of debenture certificates.
85-7-2154. Redemption of lands sold.
85-7-2155. Sale by county commissioners when land not redeemed.
85-7-2156. Proceedings where land struck off to county and not redeemed.
85-7-2157. Purchase of lands by district -- revolving fund, credits, and expenditures.
85-7-2158. Purchase of lands by district -- tax lien sale certificates and payment.
85-7-2159. Issuance of tax deed.
85-7-2160. Sale by district of purchased tax-deed lands.
85-7-2161. Action to quiet title in district.
85-7-2162. Powers of district commissioners to acquire and manage tax lien sale lands.
85-7-2163. Granting of tax deed.
85-7-2164. Application of certain sections.
85-7-2165. Partitioning interest in tax-deed lands in certain districts.
85-7-2166. Liability of county treasurers.
85-7-2167. Sale or transfer of lands.