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2015 Rules -- House

   House Rule H10-110. Duties of Sergeant-at-Arms. The Sergeant-at-Arms shall:
(1) under the direction of the Speaker and the Chief Clerk, have charge of and maintain order in the House, its lobbies, galleries, and hallways and all other rooms in the Capitol assigned for the use of the House;
(2) be present whenever the House is in session and at any other time as directed by the presiding officer;
(3) execute the commands of the House and serve the writs and processes issued by the authority of the House and directed by the Speaker;
(4) supervise assistants to the Sergeant-at-Arms, who shall aid in the performance of prescribed duties and who have the same authority, subject to the control of the Speaker;
(5) clear the floor and anteroom of the House of all persons not entitled to the privileges of the floor prior to the convening of each session of the House;
(6) bring in absent members when so directed under a call of the House;
(7) enforce the distribution of any printed matter in the House chambers and anteroom in accordance with H20-70;
(8) enforce parking regulations applicable to areas of the Capitol complex under the control of the House;
(9) supervise the doorkeeper; and
(10) supervise the pages.

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