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2015 Rules -- House

   House Rule H10-20. Speaker's duties. (1) The Speaker is the presiding officer of the House, with authority for administration, order, decorum, and the interpretation and enforcement of rules in all House deliberations.
(2) The Speaker shall see that all members conduct themselves in a civil manner in accordance with accepted standards of parliamentary conduct. The Speaker may, when necessary, order the Sergeant-at-Arms to clear the aisles and seat the members of the House so that business may be conducted in an orderly manner.
(3) Signs, placards, or other objects of a similar nature are not permitted in the rooms, lobby, gallery, or on the floor of the House. The Speaker may order the galleries, lobbies, or hallway cleared in case of disturbance or disorderly conduct.
(4) The Speaker shall sign all necessary certifications by the House, including enrolled bills and resolutions, journals (section 5-11-201, MCA), subpoenas, and payrolls.
(5) The Speaker shall arrange the agendas for second and third readings each legislative day. Representatives may amend the agendas as provided in H40-130.
(6) The Speaker is the chief officer of the House, with authority for all House employees.
(7) The Speaker may name any member to perform the duties of the chair. If the House is not in session and the Speaker pro tempore is not available, the Speaker shall name a member who shall call the House to order and preside during the Speaker's absence.
(8) Upon request of the Minority Leader, the Speaker will submit a request for a fiscal note on any bill.

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