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2015 Rules -- House

   House Rule H30-40. Meetings -- purpose -- notice -- minutes.(1) All meetings of committees must be open to the public at all times, subject always to the power and authority of the chairman to maintain safety, order, and decorum. The date, time, and place of committee meetings must be posted.
(2) A committee or subcommittee may be assembled for:
(a) a public hearing at which testimony is to be heard and at which official action may be taken on bills, resolutions, or other matters;
(b) a formal meeting at which the committees may discuss and take official action on bills, resolutions, or other matters without testimony; or
(c) a work session at which the committee may discuss bills, resolutions, or other matters but take no formal action.
(3) All committees meet at the call of the chairman or upon the request of a majority of the members of the committee directed to and with the approval of the Speaker.
(4) All committees shall provide for and give public notice, reasonably calculated to give actual notice to interested persons, of the time, place, and subject matter of regular and special meetings. All committees are encouraged to provide at least 3 legislative days notice to members of committees and the general public. However, a meeting may be held upon notice appropriate to the circumstances.
(5) A committee may not meet during the time the House is in session without leave of the Speaker. Any member attending such a meeting must be considered excused to attend business of the House subject to a call of the House.
(6) All meetings of committees must be recorded and the minutes must be available to the public within a reasonable time after the meeting. The official record must contain at least the following information:
(a) the time and place of each meeting of the committee;
(b) committee members present, excused, or absent;
(c) the names and addresses of persons appearing before the committee, whom each represents, and whether the person is a proponent, opponent, or other witness;
(d) all motions and their disposition;
(e) the results of all votes;
(f) references to the recording log, sufficient to serve as an index to the original recording; and
(g) testimony and exhibits submitted in writing.

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