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2015 Rules -- House

   House Rule H40-170. Limits on debate in the Committee of the Whole. (1) Except as provided in H40-180, a representative may not speak more than once on the motion and may speak for no more than 5 minutes. The representative who makes the motion may speak a second time for 5 minutes in order to close.
(2) (a) Except as provided in subsection (2)(b), after at least two proponents and two opponents have spoken on a question and 30 minutes have elapsed from the point in time that the sponsor's opening remarks on the motion end and debate on the motion begins, a motion to call for cloture is in order.
(b) (i) The 30-minute tolling requirement for a cloture motion made pursuant to subsection (2)(a) does not include time spent on floor debate of a substitute motion to amend the original question.
(ii) Each substitute motion to amend the original question is subject to a cloture motion and the cloture requirements provided for in this rule.
(iii) Once a substitute motion to amend is dispensed with and there are no other substitute motions to amend, the 30-minute tolling requirement for the original question pursuant to subsection (2)(a) resumes from the point in time in which the first substitute motion to amend was made.
(c) Approval by not less than two-thirds of the members present and voting is required to sustain a motion for cloture. Notwithstanding the passage of a motion to end debate, the sponsor of the motion on which debate was ended may close.
(3) By previous agreement of the majority leader and the minority leader:
(a) a lead proponent and a lead opponent may be granted additional time to speak on a bill;
(b) a bill or resolution may be allocated a predetermined amount of time for debate and number of speakers.

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