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2015 Rules -- House

   House Rule H50-90. Nondebatable motions. (1) A representative has the right to understand any question before the House and, usually under the administration of the presiding officer, may ask questions to exercise this right.
(2) The following motions are nondebatable:
(a) to adjourn pursuant to H50-250;
(b) for a call of the House;
(c) to recess or rise;
(d) for parliamentary inquiry;
(e) to table or take from the table;
(f) to call for the previous question or cloture;
(g) to amend a nondebatable motion;
(h) to divide a question;
(i) to suspend the rules;
(j) all incidental motions, such as motions relating to voting or of a general procedural nature;
(k) to appeal a call to order;
(l) to question the lack of a quorum pursuant to H50-20; and
(m) to change a vote pursuant to H50-210.

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