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2015 Rules -- Senate

   Senate Rule S30-20. Standing committees -- classification. (1) The standing committees of the Senate are as follows:
   (a) class one committees:
   (i) Business, Labor, and Economic Affairs;
   (ii) Finance and Claims;
   (iii) Judiciary; and
   (iv) Taxation;
   (b) class two committees:
   (i) Education and Cultural Resources;
   (ii) Local Government;
   (iii) Natural Resources;
   (iv) Public Health, Welfare, and Safety; and
   (v) State Administration;
   (c) class three committees:
   (i) Agriculture, Livestock, and Irrigation;
   (ii) Energy and Telecommunications;
   (iii) Fish and Game; and
   (iv) Highways and Transportation; and
   (d) on-call committees:
   (i) Ethics;
   (ii) Legislative Administration; and
   (iii) Rules.
   (2) A class 1 committee is scheduled to meet Monday through Friday. A class 2 committee is scheduled to meet Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. A class 3 committee is scheduled to meet Tuesday and Thursday. Unless a class is prescribed for a committee, it meets upon the call of the chair.
   (3) The Legislative Council shall review the workload of the standing committees to determine if any change is indicated in the class of a standing committee for the next legislative session. The Legislative Council's recommendations must be submitted to the leadership nominated or elected at the presession caucus provided for in 5-2-201.

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