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2015 Rules -- Senate

   Senate Rule S50-80. Previous question. (1) Except as provided in subsection (2), the effect of calling for the previous question, if adopted, is to close debate immediately, to prevent the offering of amendments or other subsidiary motions, and to bring to vote promptly the immediately pending main question and the adhering subsidiary motions, whether on appeal or otherwise. The motion for the previous question is nondebatable as provided in S50-60(7).
   (2) When the previous question is ordered on any debatable question on which there has been no debate, the question may be debated for one-half hour, one-half of that time to be given to the proponents and one-half to the opponents. The sponsor of the main motion on which the previous question is adopted may close on the motion regardless of whether debate on the main motion has occurred.
   (3) A call of the Senate is not in order after the previous question is ordered unless it appears upon an actual count by the presiding officer that a quorum is not present.

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