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2015 Rules -- Senate

   Senate Rule S70-30. Committee process -- preliminary reports -- separate consideration. (1) (a) The committee shall research each nominee and may request biographical information from the Governor for each nominee if none has been provided.
   (b) When the resolution has been prepared and introduced, the committee shall hold a hearing on the resolution after appropriate public notice has been given.
   (2) Following the hearings for a group of nominees, the committee shall issue preliminary standing committee reports to be distributed to each Senator, stating the committee's recommendations concerning the nominees. A preliminary standing committee report is not required for a resolution for a single nominee pursuant to subsection (5).
   (3) (a) If a Senator wishes to have an individual nominee or group of nominees considered by the Senate separately from the group of nominees recommended by the committee, the Senator may request of the chair of the committee that the nominee or nominees be considered by a separate resolution.
   (b) A Senator shall request separate consideration of a nominee within 3 days of receipt of the preliminary standing committee report. The committee chair shall honor this request.
   (4) After waiting 3 days from the day of distribution of the preliminary standing committee report, the committee chair shall issue a final standing committee report and deliver the report to the Secretary of the Senate.
   (a) If a nominee is to be separated from the resolution, the final standing committee report must include an amendment deleting that nominee.
   (b) When a nominee has been separated at the request of a Senator or when a single nomination has been submitted to a committee, the committee chair shall submit a bill draft request on behalf of the committee for a simple resolution to include only the single or separated nominee. When the resolution has been prepared and introduced, the committee shall take executive action on the resolution. When a hearing on the separated nomination was held prior to the committee's preliminary standing committee report, an additional hearing is not required to be held before the committee takes action on the separate resolution. After the committee's executive action, the committee chair shall issue a standing committee report.
   (5) If a resolution contains only one nominee, the committee shall dispense with the preliminary standing committee report and shall issue a final standing committee report to be distributed to each Senator stating the committee's recommendation concerning the nominee.
   (6) The Secretary will read the reports under Order of Business No. 2, reports of standing committees.
   (7) After the report has been read, the resolution must be placed on Order of Business No. 11 the next legislative day for consideration by the Senate. Motions to approve or disapprove of the resolution are in order and may be debated.

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