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     30-14-1207. Consumer's rights. (1) This part may not be considered to limit the rights or remedies available to a consumer under any other law or contract.
     (2) A waiver of rights under this part by a consumer is void.
     (3) A consumer's rights and remedies under this part are in addition to the rights and remedies provided in chapter 2A.
     (4) If the manufacturer fails to comply with 30-14-1204(1)(a) or (1)(b), a consumer may bring an action to recover for damages caused by a violation of this part. The court may award a consumer who prevails in an action triple the amount of any pecuniary loss. A court may also award costs, disbursements, reasonable attorney fees, and any equitable relief that the court determines is appropriate.

     History: En. Sec. 7, Ch. 259, L. 1995.

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