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Part 21. County Housing Authorities

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7-15-2101. Findings and policy.
7-15-2102. Petition to create county housing authority -- hearing and notice.
7-15-2103. Notice of hearing on petition.
7-15-2104. Hearing on petition.
7-15-2105. Decision of board of county commissioners.
7-15-2106. Criteria for determining if unsafe or unsanitary dwelling accommodations exist.
7-15-2107. Application for incorporation.
7-15-2108. Processing of application by secretary of state.
7-15-2109. Effect of filing and recording application.
7-15-2110. Presumption of regularity in creation of county housing authority.
7-15-2111. Area of operation of county housing authority -- inclusion of municipalities.
7-15-2112. Administration and operation of county housing authority -- application of municipal laws.
7-15-2113. County housing authority to be nonprofit.
7-15-2114. Certain laws controlling.
7-15-2115. Authorization for payment of rentals in lieu of taxes.
7-15-2116. through reserved.
7-15-2120. Authorization for counties to furnish assistance in the rehabilitation of private dwellings.
7-15-2121. Authorization for rural housing projects.
7-15-2122. Operation of rural housing projects.
7-15-2123. Housing applications by farmers.
7-15-2124. Definition of term farmers of low income.