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Part 44. Municipal Housing Authorities

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7-15-4401. Findings and policy.
7-15-4402. Definitions.
7-15-4403. Petition to create municipal housing authority -- hearing and notice.
7-15-4404. Notice of hearing on petition.
7-15-4405. Hearing on petition.
7-15-4406. Decision of city council.
7-15-4407. Criteria for determining if unsafe or unsanitary dwelling accommodations exist.
7-15-4408. Voter approval required to create housing authority.
7-15-4409. Application for incorporation.
7-15-4410. Processing of application by secretary of state.
7-15-4411. Effect of filing and recording application.
7-15-4412. Presumption of regularity in creation of municipal housing authority.
7-15-4413. Boundaries of municipal housing authority.
7-15-4414. Problems arising from existence of several overlapping authorities.
7-15-4415. Cooperation between housing authorities.
7-15-4416. Cooperation among governmental units and housing authorities.
7-15-4417. Initial funding of housing authority.
7-15-4418. Interim funding of housing authority.
7-15-4419. Authority to reimburse municipality for loans.
7-15-4420. Procedure to implement certain sections.
7-15-4421. Municipal housing authority to be nonprofit.
7-15-4422. Authorization to dissolve housing authority.
7-15-4423. Resolution to dissolve housing authority.
7-15-4424. through reserved.
7-15-4431. Appointment of commissioners.
7-15-4432. Term of office.
7-15-4433. Compensation of commissioners.
7-15-4434. Vacancies.
7-15-4435. Control of conflict of interest.
7-15-4436. Removal of commissioners.
7-15-4437. Right of obligee of authority to request removal of commissioner.
7-15-4438. Record of removal proceedings.
7-15-4439. Conduct of business.
7-15-4440. Certain laws controlling.
7-15-4441. through reserved.
7-15-4451. General powers of housing authority.
7-15-4452. Exercise of powers.
7-15-4453. Strict compliance with laws and contracts required.
7-15-4454. General powers related to housing programs.
7-15-4455. Housing projects subject to planning, zoning, and building laws.
7-15-4456. Low-rent housing for the elderly.
7-15-4457. Federal financial assistance for low-rent housing for the elderly.
7-15-4458. Investigatory powers of housing authority.
7-15-4459. Availability of housing authority findings and determinations.
7-15-4460. Powers of housing authority relating to acquisition and disposition of property.
7-15-4461. Acquisition of property by authority for government housing project.
7-15-4462. Exercise of power of eminent domain.
7-15-4463. Title to property acquired from housing authority subject to agreements with governments.
7-15-4464. Authorization for payment of rentals in lieu of taxes.
7-15-4465. Payments by housing authorities to local and state bodies.
7-15-4466. Special powers and contract provisions when federal government involved.
7-15-4467. Reports by authority to municipality.