Part 1. Attendance

School District Assessment For Placement Of A Child Who Enrolls From A Nonaccredited, Nonpublic School

20-5-110. School district assessment for placement of a child who enrolls from a nonaccredited, nonpublic school. The trustees of a school district shall:

(1) adopt a district policy on assessment for placement of any child who enrolls in a school of the district and whose previous place of instruction was a nonpublic school that is not accredited;

(2) include in the adopted policy the following provisions:

(a) the specific assessment for placement to be administered to any child subject to the provisions of subsection (1);

(b) a procedure for grade and program placement of the child based on results of the assessment for placement, including considerations for the age and identified abilities of the child; and

(c) a hearing process before the board of trustees of the district if the parent or guardian of a child is not in agreement with the placement of the child and requests a hearing before the board; and

(3) administer the adopted policy required in subsection (1) in a uniform and fair manner.

History: En. Sec. 1, Ch. 498, L. 1989.