Amendment Report: SB0363005CW12926.sjc

Bill Number: SB363

1. Title, page 1, line 8.

Following: "FEE;"


2. Page 3.

Following: line 21

Insert:            "NEW SECTION.  Section 6.  Nonresident invasive species bicycle decal. (1) An invasive species decal must be affixed in a conspicuous place to each bicycle that is brought into and used in Montana by a nonresident. A nonresident may not use or give permission for the use of a bicycle the nonresident brought into the state on which an invasive species decal is not affixed.

            (2) An invasive species decal must be purchased each calendar year for $25 at locations prescribed by the department of fish, wildlife, and parks. The decal is not transferable between bicycles.

            (3) Money collected by payment of fees under this section must be deposited in the invasive species account established in 80-7-1004."

Renumber: subsequent sections

3. Page 10, line 28.

Strike: "AND"

Following: "[SECTION 5],"

Insert: "and [section 6],"

4. Page 12.

Following: line 24

Insert: "(4) [Section 6] is intended to be codified as an integral part of Title 80, chapter 7, part 10, and the provisions of Title 80, chapter 7, part 10, apply to [section 6]."

5. Page 13, line 2.

Strike: "6 AND 11(6)"

Insert: "7 and 12(6)"

- END -