Amendments to house Bill No. 632

2nd Reading Copy


Requested by Jerry Schillinger

For the (H) Committee of the Whole


Prepared by Julie Johnson

03/29/2021, 02:29:17


1. Title, line 13.

Following: "PROJECTS;"



2. Page 3.

Following: line 26

Insert: "NEW SECTION. Section 4.Grants to regional water authorities -- matching funds -- uses. (1) Of the appropriation made in [section 2] of coronavirus state fiscal recovery funds, $10 million is allocated to the department of natural resources and conservation to provide each regional water authority a grant of $2.5 million.

(2)  For a grant under this section, a regional water authority must provide one-to-one matching funds to be comprised of loans secured by coal severance tax bonds made pursuant to House Bill No. 8.

(3)  The regional water authority must use grant funds and loans secured by bonds to serve as matching funds for federal grants."

Renumber: subsequent sections


3. Page 5, line 12.

Strike: "6"

Insert: "7"


4. Page 6, line 25.

Strike: "9"

Insert: "10"


5. Page 21, line 22.

Strike: "15"

Insert: "16"


6. Page 21, line 24.

Strike: "15"

Insert: "16"