Amendments to house Bill No. 632

2nd Reading Copy


Requested by Dan Bartel

For the (H) Committee of the Whole


Prepared by Julie Johnson

03/29/2021, 02:40:06


1. Title, line 13.




2. Page 3.

Following: line 26

Insert: "NEW SECTION. Section 4.Minimum allocation grants to local governments. (1) The amount of $150 million of the coronavirus local fiscal recovery funds appropriated in [section 2] must be used to provide minimum allocation grants to local governments for infrastructure projects.

(2) The amount a local government is eligible to receive in grants under this section is in the same proportion and using the same ratios provided for in 15-70-101(2)(b), (2)(c), and (3).

(3) (a) To receive a grant under this section, a local government shall submit an application for a qualifying infrastructure project and pledge matching funds.

(b) A qualifying project is a project that complies with the uses authorized for the coronavirus state fiscal recovery funds.

(c) The local government shall pledge the greater of:

(i) one-to-one matching funds; or

(ii) 25% of the amount that the local government received in coronavirus local fiscal recovery funds provided for in the American Rescue Plan Act.

(d) A local government may use coronavirus local fiscal recovery funds as matching funds.

(4) Grant funds not claimed by January 1, 2023, are transferred to the competitive grant program administered by the appropriate agency for distribution through the competitive grant program."

Renumber: subsequent sections


3. Page 5, line 12.

Strike: "6"

Insert: "7"




4. Page 6, line 25.

Strike: "9"

Insert: "10"


5. Page 21, line 22.

Strike: "15"

Insert: "16"


6. Page 21, line 24.

Strike: "15"

Insert: "16"