Amendments to house Bill No. 632

2nd Reading Copy


Requested by Bill Mercer

For the (H) Committee of the Whole


Prepared by Julie Johnson

03/29/2021, 09:52:21


1. Title, line 14.

Following: "PROJECTS;"



2. Page 16, line 10.

Strike: "Dissemination"

Insert: "Performance measures -- dissemination"


3. Page 16, line 11.

Following: line 10

Insert: "An application submitted to a commission established by [section 1, 5, 8, or 15] must include performance measures to allow the commission, stakeholders, and the public to understand what the applicant intends to accomplish and, if selected to receive money from the American Rescue Plan Act, a basis to evaluate whether the applicant has achieved what it intended to accomplish. Where feasible, performance measures should be quantitative.

(2) Quarterly performance reports must be provided to the office of budget and program planning by entities that receive funds from the federal money appropriated in [this act] to provide an assessment of the outputs and outcomes achieved compared to the performance measures set forth in the entities' applications. The reports must be submitted by the 15th day of the first month of each quarter for the previous quarter until completion of the funded project.



4. Page 16, line 14.

Strike: "(2)"

Insert: "(4)"