Amendments to senate Bill No. 379

2nd Reading Copy


Requested by Steve Fitzpatrick

For the (S) Committee of the Whole


Prepared by Trevor Graff

04/06/2021, 01:54:58


1. Title, line 8.

Strike: "SECTION"

Insert: "SECTIONS 69-3-105 AND"


2. Page 3.

Following: line 16

Insert: "Section 4. Section 69-3-105, MCA, is amended to read:

"69-3-105. Access to commission records and reports -- protective order. (1) Except as provided in subsection (2) and subsection (3), the reports, records, accounts, files, papers, and memoranda of every nature in the possession of the commission are open to the public during regular business hours, as defined in 2-16-117.

(2) The commission may issue a protective order when necessary to preserve trade secrets, as defined in 30-14-402, or other information that must be protected under law, as required to carry out its regulatory functions.

(3)The commission may consider staff memoranda a confidential work product not subject to disclosure.""

Renumber: subsequent sections