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house bill NO. 380

INTRODUCED BY K. Seekins-Crowe, D. Ankney, B. Brown, C. Friedel, C. Glimm, S. Hinebauch, D. Howard, D. Kary, T. Manzella, T. McGillvray, B. Molnar, C. Smith, D. Bartel, L. Brewster, N. Duram, P. Fielder, F. Fleming, J. Fuller, S. Galloway, S. Gist, S. Gunderson, E. Hill, J. Hinkle, C. Hinkle, R. Knudsen, D. Lenz, B. Ler, B. Mercer, B. Mitchell, T. Moore, F. Nave, J. Patelis, J. Read, A. Regier, V. Ricci, D. Skees, M. Stromswold, B. Tschida, B. Usher, S. Vinton, K. Zolnikov

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A BILL FOR AN ACT ENTITLED: "AN ACT REQUIRING SENATE CONFIRMATION FOR members of the judicial standards commission; and AMENDING SECTION 3-1-1101, MCA."




Section 1. Section 3-1-1101, MCA, is amended to read:

"3-1-1101. Creation and composition of commission. There is created a judicial standards commission consisting of five members as follows:

(1) two district court judges from different judicial districts, elected by the district judges under an elective procedure initiated by and conducted by the supreme court, and their. The election must be certified by the chief justice of the supreme court, which for the purpose of this part is considered as an appointment. After the chief justice certifies the election, each judge must be confirmed by the senate.;

(2) one attorney who has practiced law in this state for at least 10 years, appointed by the supreme court and confirmed by the senate; and

(3) two citizens who are not attorneys or judges of any court, active or retired, appointed by the governor and confirmed by the senate."


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