Amendments to House Bill No. 2

Committee Study Bill Copy

Requested by Representative John Fitzpatrick

For the House Appropriations Committee

Prepared by Joshua Poulette

March 13, 2023 (12:28pm)

1. Page B-2, line 1: .

Strike: "128,799,488 136,046,258"[General Fund FY24 FY25]

Insert: "138,863,437 141,003,128"[General Fund FY24 FY25]


Strike: "354,689,345 378,637,189"[Federal Special Fund FY24 FY25]

Insert: "374,621,143 388,454,343"[Federal Special Fund FY24 FY25]

2. Page B-2, line 3: .

Strike: "248,816,468 242,002,378"[General Fund FY24 FY25]

Insert: "249,234,133 242,208,093"[General Fund FY24 FY25]


Strike: "1,365,836,780 1,409,146,851"[Federal Special Fund FY24 FY25]

Insert: "1,366,663,971 1,409,554,273"[Federal Special Fund FY24 FY25]

3. Page B-2, line 9: .

Strike: "94,438,112 105,250,947"[General Fund FY24 FY25]

Insert: "109,103,916 112,474,403"[General Fund FY24 FY25]


Strike: "238,781,896 262,112,380"[Federal Special Fund FY24 FY25]

Insert: "267,827,736 276,418,540"[Federal Special Fund FY24 FY25]

- END -

Explanation - This amendment adds funding for Medicaid providers studied in the 2023 biennium provider rate studies. The funding added is 112.0% and 115.0% of benchmark provider rates in fiscal years 2024 and 2025, respectively. Total biennial funding is $37.5 million general fund and $74.3 million federal special funds.