Amendments to House Bill No. 2

Committee Study Bill Copy

Requested by Representative Jane Gillette

For the House Appropriations Committee

Prepared by Joshua Poulette

March 13, 2023 (1:05pm)

1. Page B-2: .

Following: line 25

Insert: "Medicaid provider rate increases for nursing homes in FY 2025 are conditional upon facility participation in Department of Public Health and Human Services efforts to collect quality and performance data."


Insert: "The Legislature intends that all funding available and appropriated for child-care subsidies be expended only on child-care subsidies."

- END -

Explanation - This amendment requires nursing homes to participate in data collection efforts in FY 2025 in order to be eligible for Medicaid provider rate increases in FY 2025. This amendment also clarifies legislative intent around child-care subsidies.