Amendments to House Bill No. 2

Committee Study Bill Copy

Requested by Representative John Fitzpatrick

For the House Appropriations Committee

Prepared by Walker Hopkins

March 14, 2023 (12:03pm)

1. Page D-6, line 21: .

Strike: "85,178,517 87,429,631" [General Fund FY24 FY25]

Insert: "85,478,517 87,729,631" [General Fund FY24 FY25]

2. Page D-6, line 13: .

Strike: "290,700"[General Fund FY24]

Insert: "1,000,000"[General Fund FY24]

3. Page D-6, line 15: .

Strike: "495,000"[General Fund FY24]

Insert: "1,500,000"[General Fund FY24]

- END -

Explanation - This amendment increases general fund appropriations within the Department of Corrections by $2,014,300 in FY 2024 and $300,000 in FY 2025 to fund the full executive's request related to vehicle replacements, equipment and IT upgrades, and contracted medical services.