Mr. Chairman:

I move to amend House Bill 2 (second house second reading copy -- tan).

Signed: ____________________________

Senator Mary Ann Dunwell

And, that such amendments to House Bill 2 (second house second reading copy -- tan) read as follows:

1. Page B-1, line 4: .

Strike: "6,435,017 6,499,552"[General Fund FY24 FY25]

Insert: "6,465,681 6,530,153"[General Fund FY24 FY25]


Strike: "22,401,965 22,665,014"   [Federal Special Fund FY24 FY25]

Insert: "22,498,275 22,761,125"   [Federal Special Fund FY24 FY25]

2. Page B-2, line 27: .

Strike: "64,916,420 65,259,135"   [General Fund FY24 FY25]

Insert: "64,816,710 65,159,138"   [General Fund FY24 FY25]

- END -

Explanation - This amendment transfers 2.00 additional FTE and associated funding from the Health Care Facilities Division to the Disability Employment and Transitions Division. The amendment brings the budget closer to the Executive Branch's original proposal of transferring 8.00 FTE for additional vocational rehabilitation technicians, of which only 4.00 FTE have been approved by the Legislature. This amendment increases the Disability Employment and Transitions Division by $61,000 general fund and $192,000 federal fund over the biennium. The Health Care Facilities Division budget is reduced by $200,000 general fund over the biennium.