Mr. Chairman:

I move to amend House Bill 2 (second house second reading copy -- tan).

Signed: ____________________________

Senator Steve Fitzpatrick

And, that such amendments to House Bill 2 (second house second reading copy -- tan) read as follows:

1. Page D-3, line 21:

Strike: "317,678 229,509"    [General Fund FY24 FY25]

Insert: "477,506 345,255"    [General Fund FY24 FY25]

2. Page D-6, line 9:

Strike: "4,839,263 4,869,603"[State Special Fund FY24 FY25]

Insert: "4,757,025 4,787,306"[State Special Fund FY24 FY25]

3. Page D-6:

Following: line 20

Insert: "It is the intent of the Legislature that the workplace of Public Service Commissioners will be Helena and that commissioners will not receive mileage traveling to Helena or per diem while in Helena."

- END -

Explanation -

#1 - Increases the general fund appropriation for Human Trafficking Agents by $159,828 in FY 2024 and $115,746 in FY 2025 to fund one additional human trafficking agent.

#2 - Reduces the Public Service Commission state special revenue appropriation by $82,238 in FY 2024 and $82,297 in FY 2025 and removes 1.00 FTE.

#3 - Provides legislative intent.