Mr. Chairman:

I move to amend House Bill 2 (second house second reading copy -- tan).

Signed: ____________________________

Senator Jason Small

And, that such amendments to House Bill 2 (second house second reading copy -- tan) read as follows:

1. Page E-11: .

Following: line 7

Insert: "The Montana University System has until June 30, 2024, to either return Montana tribal nations’ patrimonial, lineal, or cultural sacred items in their possession or make a compliant agreement with tribal governments. The agreement must specify a 90-day timeline for the return of these items after the tribal government notifies the museum or college that they are able to take possession. If the June 30, 2024, deadline for either returning the specified items or developing a compliant agreement isn't met, general fund appropriations for the Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education are reduced by $100,000 in the 2025 biennium. If the Montana University System contacts a tribal government and the tribal government does not want specified items returned and does not want to develop a compliant agreement, the general fund appropriations are not reduced."

- END -