Amendments to House Bill No. 2

3rd Reading Copy

Requested by Senator Tom McGillvray

For the Senate Finance and Claims Committee

Prepared by Walker Hopkins

April 10, 2023 (12:55pm)

1. Page D-7: .

Following: line 11

Insert: "b. Inmates Approaching Parole or Discharge (OTO)"

Insert: "219,058 213,458"  [General Fund FY24 FY25]

- END -

Explanation - This amendment provides one-time-only appropriations for 2.00 FTE associated with the fiscal impacts of HB 426 on the Department of Corrections. HB 426 gives the Department of Corrections authority to contract with private, nonprofit Montana entities to establish and maintain prerelease centers for the purpose of preparing inmates who are within 14 months of parole eligibility or discharge for release into the community. Positions to be hired include one compliance manager and one analyst.