Amendments to House Bill No. 2

2nd Reading/2nd House Copy

Requested by Senator Ellie Boldman

For the Senate Finance and Claims Committee

Prepared by Catherine Duncan

April 11, 2023 (7:35am)

1. Page D-6, line 5: .

Following: "employees."

Insert: "The Office of State Public Defender will implement policies to facilitate regional training and qualification of employees."

2. Page D-6, line 7:

Following: "attorneys"

Insert: ", and that any duties that can be performed by nonattorneys will be filled by nonattorneys, including in the Conflict Defender Division and Central Services Division"

- END -

Explanation - These amendments make changes to the existing language in the Office of State Public Defender.

The first change requires the agency to implement training policies and qualification processes.

The second change would require that nonattorney positions be filled with nonattorney personnel.