Montana Legislature
LAWS System Reports

Reports for the 2023 Legislative Session: The Legislative Session will convene on January 2, 2023

NOTE ON REPORTS: With a few exceptions, reports for the 2023 legislative session are dynamic reports. When you click a report link, the report will run and present itself on your screen -- in real-time, and up-to-date at the time it was run.


As in the past, reports are added to this list as they become relevant. For example, a Hearing Calendar is not relevant until hearings are scheduled (and their scheduled date falls within the reporting period), so will not appear on this list until that time.

Appropriation and Revenue Bills, and Bills with Fiscal Notes Indicated (PDF Format) Lists information about: 1) Appropriation bills, 2) Revenue bills, and 3) Bills with Fiscal Note Indicated. Links are provided to the latest version of the bill text, to detailed status information, and to fiscal note text (if a fiscal note has been prepared and printed).
 Cumulative Bill Draft Request List   (PDF Format) Lists information about each bill draft request. This list is sorted by the bill draft request number (LC number).
 Bill Draft Requests by Requester
 All Requesters
 Choose a specific Requester
(PDF Format) Lists information about bill draft requests, sorted by requester.
 Bill Draft Requests by Drafter
 All Drafters
 Choose a specific Drafter
(PDF Format) Lists information about all bill draft requests, sorted by drafter.
 Bill Draft Requests by Subject List (PDF Format) Lists information about bill draft requests, sorted by subject category.
 Bill Draft Requests "By Request Of" List (PDF Format) Lists information about those bill draft requests which have been requested on behalf of an agency, legislative committee, or public office. This list is sorted by the "By Request Of" entity.