Montana Code Annotated 2015

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Part 4. Creditable Service

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19-20-401. Creditable service.
19-20-402. Creditable service for employment in out-of-state public and federal schools.
19-20-403. Creditable service for employment while on leave.
19-20-404. Creditable service for active service in military, red cross, or merchant marine.
19-20-405. Limit on creditable service that may be awarded.
19-20-406. Repealed.
19-20-407. No duplication of credit for same period of service.
19-20-408. Creditable service for employment in private schools.
19-20-409. Transfer of service credits and contributions from public employees' retirement system.
19-20-410. Creditable service for extension service employment.
19-20-411. Absence because of employment-related injury.
19-20-412. Repealed.
19-20-413. Repealed.
19-20-414. Payment methods for purchase of service credit.
19-20-415. Procedure for purchase of service credit and pick up.
19-20-416. Credit for legislative service required.
19-20-417. Credit for substitute teaching service, teacher's aide service, or other service not reported.
19-20-418. through reserved.
19-20-426. Creditable service for employment under university system retirement program.
19-20-427. Redeposit of contributions previously withdrawn.