Montana Code Annotated 2015

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Part 11. Employer Contributions

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39-51-1101. Commencement and termination of coverage under chapter.
39-51-1102. Election by employing units not otherwise subject to chapter.
39-51-1103. Contributions by employers required -- payments in lieu of contributions authorized for certain employers.
39-51-1104. Duty and liability of contractor and subcontractor, respectively, in regard to taxes, penalties, and interest owed by subcontractor.
39-51-1105. Liability for taxes, penalties, and interest owed.
39-51-1106. Repealed.
39-51-1107. Repealed.
39-51-1108. Amount of wages per employee subject to contribution.
39-51-1109. Tax appeals -- procedure.
39-51-1110. Refunds to employers.
39-51-1111. through reserved.
39-51-1121. Definitions.
39-51-1122. Treatment of minor irregularities in determination of eligible employer status.
39-51-1123. Rates of contributions.
39-51-1124. Procedure for election to make payments in lieu of contributions.
39-51-1125. Computation of payments in lieu of contributions.
39-51-1126. Termination of election to make payments in lieu of contributions.
39-51-1127. through reserved.
39-51-1131. Terminated.
39-51-1132. Liability of tribal units -- cancellation for failure to make payments.