Montana Code Annotated 2015

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Part 1. Treatment of the Seriously Mentally Ill

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53-21-101. Purpose.
53-21-102. Definitions.
53-21-103. Court records to be kept separate.
53-21-104. Powers and duties of mental disabilities board of visitors.
53-21-105. Certification of professional persons required.
53-21-106. Certification of professional persons.
53-21-107. Abuse and neglect of persons admitted to mental health facility prohibited -- reporting -- investigations.
53-21-108. through reserved.
53-21-111. Voluntary admission -- content of admission form -- requirements for valid admission.
53-21-112. Voluntary admission of minors.
53-21-113. Costs of committing a patient already voluntarily admitted -- transportation costs for voluntary admission.
53-21-114. Notice of rights to be given.
53-21-115. Procedural rights.
53-21-116. Right to be present at hearing or trial -- assignment of counsel.
53-21-117. Right to representation by own attorney.
53-21-118. Right to examination by professional person of own choosing.
53-21-119. Waiver of rights.
53-21-120. Detention to be in least restrictive environment -- preference for mental health facility -- court relief -- prehearing detention of mentally ill person prohibited.
53-21-121. Petition for commitment -- contents of -- notice of.
53-21-122. Petition for commitment -- filing of -- initial hearing on.
53-21-123. Examination of respondent following initial hearing -- recommendation of professional person.
53-21-124. Detention of respondent pending hearing or trial -- jail prohibited.
53-21-125. Request for jury trial.
53-21-126. Trial or hearing on petition.
53-21-127. Posttrial disposition.
53-21-128. Petition for extension of commitment period.
53-21-129. Emergency situation -- petition -- detention.
53-21-130. Transfer or commitment to mental health facility from other institutions.
53-21-131. Appeal procedure.
53-21-132. Cost of examination and commitment.
53-21-133. Transfer to nonstate facilities.
53-21-134. Receipt of nonresident person suffering from a mental disorder pending return to home state.
53-21-135. Terminated.
53-21-136. Terminated.
53-21-137. Terminated.
53-21-138. Renumbered .
53-21-139. Renumbered .
53-21-140. Use of two-way electronic audio-video communication.
53-21-141. Civil and legal rights of person committed.
53-21-142. Rights of persons admitted to facility.
53-21-143. Right not to be fingerprinted.
53-21-144. Rights concerning photographs.
53-21-145. Right to be free from unnecessary or excessive medication.
53-21-146. Right to be free from physical restraint and isolation.
53-21-147. Right not to be subjected to experimental research.
53-21-148. Right not to be subjected to hazardous treatment.
53-21-149. Conditions of treatment in community facility, program, or course of treatment.
53-21-150. Treatment plan -- provider choice.
53-21-151. Notification of noncompliance as condition for treatment plan -- response.
53-21-152. Department funding responsibility.
53-21-153. Repealed.
53-21-154. through reserved.
53-21-161. Qualifications of professional persons.
53-21-162. Establishment of patient treatment plan -- patient's rights.
53-21-163. Examination following commitment.
53-21-164. Repealed.
53-21-165. Records to be maintained.
53-21-166. Records to be confidential -- exceptions.
53-21-167. Patient labor.
53-21-168. Statement of rights to be furnished and posted.
53-21-169. Protection and advocacy system -- designation and authority.
53-21-170. through reserved.
53-21-180. Discharge plan.
53-21-181. Discharge during or at end of initial commitment period -- patient's right to referral.
53-21-182. Court-ordered release to alternative placement or treatment.
53-21-183. Release conditioned on receipt of outpatient care.
53-21-184. Patients for whom release and discharge provisions inapplicable.
53-21-185. Care and treatment following release.
53-21-186. Support of patient conditionally released.
53-21-187. Clothing for patients discharged or conditionally released.
53-21-188. Repealed.
53-21-189. Fact of evaluation or treatment not to be used for discrimination.
53-21-190. Fact of evaluation or treatment not to be used in subsequent court proceeding -- exception.
53-21-191. and reserved.
53-21-193. Commitment to behavioral health inpatient facilities -- preference -- voluntary treatment.
53-21-194. Department licensure of behavioral health inpatient facilities -- rulemaking authority -- transfer criteria.
53-21-195. Rehospitalization of patient conditionally released from inpatient treatment facilities -- petition.
53-21-196. Detention of conditionally released patient pending hearing.
53-21-197. Hearing on rehospitalization petition -- revocation of conditional release.
53-21-198. Extension of conditions of release -- hearing.