Montana Code Annotated 2015

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Part 2. Families Achieving Independence in Montana (FAIM) -- Financial Assistance

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53-4-201. Definitions.
53-4-202. Financial assistance to be in effect in all counties.
53-4-203. Repealed.
53-4-204. through reserved.
53-4-209. Montana parents as scholars program -- department duties.
53-4-210. Tribal family assistance plan.
53-4-211. Administration of programs funded under temporary assistance for needy families block grant.
53-4-212. Department to adopt rules.
53-4-213. Department rules binding.
53-4-214. Distribution of copies of law and forms by department.
53-4-215. Cooperation with federal government.
53-4-216. Reports to federal government.
53-4-217. Repealed.
53-4-218. through reserved.
53-4-221. County department charged with local administration.
53-4-222. County administration subject to rules prescribed by department.
53-4-223. Repealed.
53-4-224. through reserved.
53-4-231. Eligibility.
53-4-232. Application for assistance.
53-4-233. Eligibility determination for applications.
53-4-234. Repealed.
53-4-235. Repealed.
53-4-236. Repealed.
53-4-237. Stepparent resources and income.
53-4-238. through reserved.
53-4-241. Amount of assistance determined by department rules.
53-4-242. Periodic reconsideration of assistance.
53-4-243. Repealed.
53-4-244. Payments to person interested in child's welfare in lieu of special guardianship.
53-4-245. Payments to Indians not to be decreased because of certain sums received by enrolled tribal members.
53-4-246. Repealed.
53-4-247. Repealed.
53-4-248. Parents liable to department for public assistance payments.
53-4-249. Repealed.
53-4-250. Purchase of surplus motor vehicles for recipients of temporary assistance for needy families funds -- criteria for recipient purchase program.
53-4-251. through reserved.
53-4-255. Revolving loan account.
53-4-256. Administration of revolving loan account -- rulemaking authority.
53-4-257. Outcome measures.
53-4-258. and reserved.
53-4-260. Child support payment pass-through and income disregard.