Montana Code Annotated 2015

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Part 2. Trial and Judgment

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70-29-201. Trial of title or interest of parties.
70-29-202. Court to order sale or partition -- appointment of referees.
70-29-203. Determination of title required before judgment of sale.
70-29-204. Partial partition.
70-29-205. Partition according to rights of parties -- roads.
70-29-206. Procedure in relation to lots and subdivisions.
70-29-207. Allotment of shares of land -- improvements.
70-29-208. Allotment of land to grantee of tenant in common.
70-29-209. Compensation of one party by another in certain cases of partition.
70-29-210. Consent of guardian to share of ward.
70-29-211. Referees to make report.
70-29-212. Judgment upon confirmation of report -- effect.
70-29-213. Judgment not to affect certain tenants for years.
70-29-214. Status of estate for life or years when partial sale ordered.
70-29-215. Lien on undivided interest -- status after partition.
70-29-216. Abstract of title -- when cost of allowed -- filing and inspection.
70-29-217. Abstract -- how made and verified.
70-29-218. Costs of partition -- apportionment among parties -- lien.
70-29-219. Expenses of referees and surveyor.
70-29-220. Disbursements by party -- interest allowed.
70-29-221. Expenses of previous litigation.