Montana Code Annotated 2015

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Part 3. Sale and Disposition of Proceeds

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70-29-301. Sale to be at public auction -- notice.
70-29-302. Terms of sale to be made known.
70-29-303. Who may not be purchasers.
70-29-304. Party or encumbrancer as purchaser.
70-29-305. Court to direct terms of credit and investment.
70-29-306. Security for sales on credit.
70-29-307. Security taken and investment made in name of clerk.
70-29-308. Agreement of parties as to security.
70-29-309. Referees' report of sale.
70-29-310. Execution of conveyances and taking of security.
70-29-311. Conveyances to be recorded -- bar against parties.
70-29-312. through reserved.
70-29-321. Priorities for application of proceeds.
70-29-322. Other securities to be exhausted first.
70-29-323. Disposition of proceeds generally.
70-29-324. Continuation of action when proceeds paid into court.
70-29-325. Future interests -- ascertainment -- share of proceeds.
70-29-326. Tenant for life or years -- compensation upon sale.
70-29-327. Minor's share of proceeds -- payment to guardian.
70-29-328. Incompetent's share of proceeds -- payment to guardian.
70-29-329. Proceeds of sale belonging to persons unknown or out-of-state -- how invested.
70-29-330. Duty of clerk as to security and investments.