Montana Code Annotated 2015

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Part 3. Uniform Power of Attorney Act

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72-31-301. Short title.
72-31-302. Definitions.
72-31-303. Applicability.
72-31-304. Power of attorney is durable.
72-31-305. Execution of power of attorney.
72-31-306. Validity of power of attorney.
72-31-307. Meaning and effect of power of attorney.
72-31-308. Nomination of conservator or guardian -- relation of agent to court-appointed fiduciary.
72-31-309. When power of attorney effective.
72-31-310. Termination of power of attorney or agent's authority.
72-31-311. through reserved.
72-31-316. Coagents or successor agents.
72-31-317. Reimbursement and compensation of agent.
72-31-318. Agent's acceptance.
72-31-319. Agent's duties.
72-31-320. Exoneration of agent.
72-31-321. Judicial relief.
72-31-322. Agent's liability.
72-31-323. Agent's resignation -- notice.
72-31-324. Acceptance of and reliance upon acknowledged power of attorney.
72-31-325. Liability for refusal to accept acknowledged power of attorney.
72-31-326. Principles of law and equity.
72-31-327. Laws applicable to financial institutions and entities.
72-31-328. Remedies under other law.
72-31-329. through reserved.
72-31-336. Authority that requires specific grant -- grant of general authority.
72-31-337. Incorporation of authority.
72-31-338. Construction of authority generally.
72-31-339. Real property.
72-31-340. Tangible personal property.
72-31-341. Stocks and bonds.
72-31-342. Commodities and options.
72-31-343. Banks and other financial institutions.
72-31-344. Operation of entity or business.
72-31-345. Insurance and annuities.
72-31-346. Estates, trusts, and other beneficial interests.
72-31-347. Claims and litigation.
72-31-348. Personal and family maintenance.
72-31-349. Benefits from governmental programs or civil or military service.
72-31-350. Retirement plans.
72-31-351. Taxes.
72-31-352. Gifts.
72-31-353. Statutory form power of attorney.
72-31-354. Agent's certification.
72-31-355. through reserved.
72-31-365. Uniformity of application and construction.
72-31-366. Relation to electronic signatures in global commerce act.
72-31-367. Effect on existing powers of attorney.