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     Section 1.  Section 70-16-302, MCA, is amended to read:

     "70-16-302.  Restriction on liability of landowner. (1) A person who uses property, including property owned or leased by a public entity, for recreational purposes, with or without permission, does so without any assurance from the landowner that the property is safe for any purpose if the person does not give a valuable consideration to the landowner in exchange for the recreational use of the property. The landowner owes the person no duty of care with respect to the condition of the property, except that the landowner is liable to the person for any injury to person or property for an act or omission that constitutes willful or wanton misconduct. For purposes of this section, valuable consideration does not include the state land recreational use license fee imposed under 77-1-802.

     (2)  As used in this part, "landowner" means a person or entity of any nature, whether private, governmental, or quasi-governmental, and includes the landowner's agent, tenant, lessee, occupant, grantee of conservation easement, water users' association, irrigation district, drainage district, and persons or entities in control of the property or with an agreement to use or occupy property.

     (3)  As used in this part, "property" means land, roads, water, watercourses, and private ways. The term includes any improvements, buildings, structures, machinery, and equipment on property.

     (4)  The department of fish, wildlife, and parks, when operating under an agreement with a landowner or tenant to provide recreational snowmobiling opportunities, including but not limited to a snowmobile area, subject to the provisions of subsection (1), on the landowner's property and when not also acting as a snowmobile area operator on the property, does not extend any assurance that the property is safe for any purpose, and the department, the landowner, or the landowner's tenant may not be liable to any person for any injury to person or property resulting from any act or omission of the department unless the act or omission constitutes willful or wanton misconduct."

     Section 2.  Section 77-1-106, MCA, is amended to read:

     "77-1-106.  Setting of rates or fees -- rules. (1) In setting the lease rental rates or fees for the use of state lands and cabin sites, the board shall consider the impact of the uses on the school trust asset, lessee expenses for management, water development, weed control, fire control, the term of the lease, the production capabilities, the conditions on the lease payment, and any other required expenses reasonably borne by the lessee. In setting cabin site lease rates, the board shall consider expenses that are commonly incurred by the lessees to preserve the value of the state land or to provide services commonly provided by private lessors in the area.

     (2)  All lease rental rates and fees established by the board under 77-1-208, 77-1-802, 77-6-202, 77-6-501, 77-6-502, and 77-6-507 must consider the trust asset and be in the best interests of the state with regard to the long-term productivity of the school trust lands, while optimizing the return to the school trust.

     (3)  The board shall comply with Title 2, chapter 4, part 3, in setting rental rates and license fees pursuant to 77-1-208, 77-1-802, 77-6-202, 77-6-501, 77-6-502, and 77-6-507."

     Section 3.  Section 77-1-808, MCA, is amended to read:

     "77-1-808.  State lands recreational use account. (1) There is a state lands recreational use account in the state special revenue fund provided for in 17-2-102.

     (2)  There must be deposited in the account:

     (a)  all revenue received from the recreational use license established by 77-1-802;

     (b)(a)  all revenue received from the imposition of fines under 77-1-801 and 77-1-806 and from civil penalties imposed pursuant to 77-1-804; and

     (c)(b)  money received by the department in the form of legislative appropriations, reimbursements, gifts, federal funds, or appropriations from any source intended to be used for the purposes of this account.

     (3)  Money deposited in the state lands recreational use account must be used by the department for the following purposes:

     (a)  compensation pursuant to 77-1-809 for damage to the improvements of leases that has been proved to be caused by recreational users;

     (b)  assistance in weed control management necessary as a result of recreational use of state lands;

     (c)  protection of the resource value of the trust assets; and

     (d)  administration and management for the implementation of recreational use of state lands."

     Section 4.  Section 87-1-504, MCA, is amended to read:

     "87-1-504.  Protection of private property -- duty of wardens. It is the duty of wardens (state conservation officers) to enforce the provisions of 45-6-101, 45-6-203, 75-10-212(2), 77-1-801, 77-1-806, and rules adopted under 77-1-804 on private and state lands being used for hunting and fishing and to act as ex officio firewardens as provided by 77-5-104."

     Section 5.  Section 87-1-601, MCA, is amended to read:

     "87-1-601.  Use of fish and game money. (1) (a) Except as provided in subsection (7), all money collected or received from the sale of hunting and fishing licenses or permits, from the sale of seized game or hides, from damages collected for violations of the fish and game laws of this state, from appropriations, or received by the department from any other state source must be turned over to the state treasurer and placed in the state special revenue fund to the credit of the department.

     (b)  Any money received from federal sources must be deposited in the federal special revenue fund to the credit of the department.

     (c)  All interest earned on money from the following sources must be placed in the state special revenue fund to the credit of the department:

     (i)  the general license account;

     (ii)  the license drawing account;

     (iii)  accounts established to administer the provisions of 87-1-246, 87-1-258, 87-1-605, 87-2-412, 87-2-722, and 87-2-724; and

     (iv)  money received from the sale of any other hunting and fishing license.

     (2)  The money described in subsection (1) must be exclusively set apart and made available for the payment of all salaries, per diem, fees, expenses, and expenditures authorized to be made by the department under the terms of this title. The money described in subsection (1) must be spent for those purposes by the department, subject to appropriation by the legislature.

     (3)  Any reference to the fish and game fund in this code means fish and game money in the state special revenue fund and the federal special revenue fund.

     (4)  Except as provided in subsections (7) and (8), all money collected or received from fines and forfeited bonds, except money collected or received by a justice's court, that relates to violations of state fish and game laws under Title 87 must be deposited by the state treasurer and credited to the department in a state special revenue fund account for this purpose. Out of any fine imposed by a court for the violation of the fish and game laws, the costs of prosecution must be paid to the county where the trial was held in any case in which the fine is not imposed in addition to the costs of prosecution.

     (5)  Money received by the department from the sale of surplus real property; from exploration or development of oil, gas, or mineral deposits from lands acquired by the department except royalties or other compensation based on production; and from leases of interests in department real property not contemplated at the time of acquisition must be deposited in an account within the nonexpendable trust fund of the state treasury. The interest derived from the fund, but not the principal, may be used only for the purpose of operation, development, and maintenance of real property of the department, and only upon appropriation by the legislature. If the use of money as set forth in this section would result in violation of applicable federal laws or state statutes specifically naming the department or money received by the department, then the use of this money must be limited in the manner, method, and amount to those uses that do not result in a violation.

     (6)  Money received from the collection of license drawing applications is not subject to the deposit requirements of 17-6-105. The department shall deposit license drawing application money within a reasonable time after receipt.

     (7)  Money collected or received from fines or forfeited bonds for the violation of 77-1-801, 77-1-806, or rules adopted under 77-1-804 must be deposited as follows:

     (a)  50% in an account for use by the department for the enforcement of 77-1-801, 77-1-806, and rules adopted under 77-1-804; and

     (b)  50% in the state lands recreational use account established by 77-1-808 for use by the department of natural resources and conservation in the management of state lands.

     (8)  After July 1, 1995, the The state treasurer shall deposit in the state general fund one-half of the money received from the fines pursuant to 87-1-102."

     NEW SECTION.  Section 6.  Repealer. Sections 77-1-801 and 77-1-802, MCA, are repealed.

     NEW SECTION.  Section 7.  Effective date. [This act] is effective March 1, 2000.

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