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     1-1-216. Legal holidays and business days. (1) The following are legal holidays in the state of Montana:
     (a) Each Sunday;
     (b) New Year's Day, January 1;
     (c) Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the third Monday in January;
     (d) Lincoln's and Washington's Birthdays, the third Monday in February;
     (e) Memorial Day, the last Monday in May;
     (f) Independence Day, July 4;
     (g) Labor Day, the first Monday in September;
     (h) Columbus Day, the second Monday in October;
     (i) Veterans' Day, November 11;
     (j) Thanksgiving Day, the fourth Thursday in November;
     (k) Christmas Day, December 25;
     (l) State general election day.
     (2) (a) If any of the holidays in subsection (1)(b) through (1)(l) fall on a Sunday, the Monday following is a holiday.
     (b) If any of the holidays in subsection (1)(b) through (1)(l) fall on a Saturday, the Friday preceding is a holiday.
     (c) All other days are business days.

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